Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Killer whales/Orca whales

Killer Whales also referred to as Orca Whales. These sea creatures are in the O. orca species and are seen all around the world even in Antarctica and Greenland. Killer Whales are mostly black with white patches in different places on the body.

Killer Whales hunt in groups like wolf packs. But when the mother has calves she teaches them how to hunt pray like Seals,Sea lions,other whales,birds and Penguins.

Killer Whales also migrate just like other whales. Luckily Orcas are far from extinction.        

Monday, December 8, 2014

Te Tuhi

Today we went on a trip to Te Tuhi in Pakuranga we went there because it is our term 4 inquiry for art attack.

We also made one of our own Tapa using Dye, Paper and Oil pastel. The four main things that we had to include were Family, Culture, Interests and Home.

Once we were Finished we had a look around the Gallery and learnt about water and dams. And it was great.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014



On friday we had athletics. The activities were Discus, high jump, 75m/100m sprints, shot put, hurdles, skipping and others that I can't remember.

Our whole school got split up into their years. Year one to eight. The year 7’s first went to the sack race and tug of war. It was really hard to win against the other teams.

The second event was softball throw, throwing my hardest I almost got past one of the furthest throws. (Dam I did not do very well, better luck next time) I said to myself I heard a sound it was time for lunch. We had not finished our last  event after that we run to our last event sadly the day had to an end but we had a lot fun. Well it was worth it.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Auckland Museum

Auckland Museum is a museum that has a mix of Maori and Pacific carving and weavings. The Year 7s went there because our topic for term 4 is Art Attack so we went there to look at the Pacific and Maori patterns, designs and artwork.

The Grand Foyer is the front entrance. This hall is made from terrazzo (marble chips embedded in concrete to form patterns). And on the roof the stained glass leads light from outside directly above the entrance foyer.

The first gallery we went to first was the Pacific Masterpieces we also had a task to do which was sketch some of the art/patterns that you pick. Next we walked to the Maori gallery which has the  
There is an area named the Pacific Masterpieces thats where we went first to look at the all the islands like Easter Islands,Tahiti,Rarotonga,Niue,Kiribati and more.

There is also two areas that involve the sea one called Coastal and Oceans. The Coastal area tells you about the Wonderful coasts of New Zealand like Mission bay which you can see from the front on the Museum. And the Oceans area is were you can see a lot of sea creatures that are popular in New Zealand or around the world and also extinct animals.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Why do we need to sleep?

Why do we need to sleep?

Everyone need to sleep because your body needs sleep especially if you’ve been playing sports or working. If you don't get enough sleep you wake up grumpy or very tired.

Sleep gives your body a rest and allows it to prepare for the next day. Kids in between 5 and 13 need about 10 to 11 hours of sleep. Going without sleep for 5 nights you will start hallucinating.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Why is it important to have class/school rules

Why is it important to have class/school rules?

Having school rules is important for safety. And for others education. No rules would lead to bullying,theft and destruction.

Rules are important because there needs to know where the boundaries are. Rules need to be followed just like laws. Because laws are just rules.

Without rules or boundaries there would be things happening like theft destructruction disrespecting teachers and bullying. Having no rules would be like having no laws and no one would control.

thats why rules are good

Friday, October 17, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly was yesterday because it was the first day back at school. This term were learning about art and the subject is called Art Attack. The purpose of immersion assembly is to inform the students about what we’re learning about this term.

Mr Burt begins the assembly by welcoming the school to the new term. He had a tablet taped to his chest that was playing Speed Art onto a screen. Then he introduced Team One’s item.

Team One’s item was about art involving the environment. Things like water and nature. Next was Team 2. Their item was about the primary colours which are Blue, Red and Green. Without the primary colours  there wouldn’t be other colours. After that Team 3’s item was about different artists.

I liked team 4’s item because Mr Sommerville made me laugh. They are also learning about different artists such as Van Gogh, Fatu Feu’u and Monet.

Finally Team 5 all the teachers painted our principal Mr Burt, and Vice principals Mrs Jarman and Mr Jacobson. They left the best item till last.

Monday, September 22, 2014


In the weekends me and my friend semi played X-Box together. First we played Call of duty Black ops 2 1v1 quickscoping. Semi was using the Ballista with iron sight and I was using DSR50 and the score was 4-71 and I won.

Semi insisted a rematch so we had a rematch with the same guns and the score was 2-73 and then he turned off the T.V and then we put on Watchdogs.

The plan was to find someone who has info about me as a vigilante but the bad thing was he’s in prison. But the plan was not to kill him but to let him know that I can reach him any time so he wouldn't tell anyone. Because he could get let off in 30 days for good behavior and I could change it to 60 years.  

We started to do some missions which we had to break into a prison which was easy because I just needed to walk into a police station. The uniform issuer gave me a phone which I could hack the cameras and find the man who I was looking for.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cross country

Oh no, cross country!

Cross country was held on the 11th of September, last Thursday. Last year was a lot easier because this year the track was twice as long.

Getting ready into our team colours was easy because all I needed was a red T-shirt. Te Arawa house colours are red. Once I walked out of the breeze all I could see were colors everywhere! Blue, red, green and yellow. There was even pink? There were lots of colors. Te Arawa (red) Tainui (blue) Matatua (green) and Takitimu (yellow).

First the year ones ran. Then the year twos. It goes on in that order until it got to the year 5 girls turn to run. The year 7 boys had to run next. I just heard Mr Jacobson announcing the places for the year 4 girls my stomach filled with butterflies it was time to run. “Here come the year 7 boys which there run is 3 km long” Mr Jacobson said on the mic.

Mr Burt was the one who starts the race. Reddy? set? GO! said mr Burt. Me and my friend Hiwarau were jogging together. Just comming onto the secon

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Letter to John Key

I am writing this letter to Mr Key to make him aware that plastic bags are becoming big problem. For the sea life.

Dear Prime Minister
Did you know that plastic bags are commonly mistaken for food by animals? Sea creatures ingest plastic and choke. Dolphins will eat pieces of plastic sheeting they mistake for jellyfish and other prey.
There is a big impact on fishing industries. Because fish are ingesting plastic or rubbish. There are a lot of plastic items in the ocean because people are just littering. Did you know that there is a big island that is made from rubbish and it is big enough so you can walk on it?
Did you know that there are thousands of sea creatures are dying  because of the plastic and other rubbish? Many of them are choking and washing up on shore because of plastic bags and other plastic items.
And all of this can be stopped by throwing rubbish in the bin. I suggest charging Ten cents or Twenty. To help the lower the numbers for plastic bags or make big bins for plastic.

Monday, September 1, 2014

why people should and shouldn't exercise

Everyone needs to get exercise even if your a kid because your body needs to stay fit. Being a kid it is easy to stay fit but if you don't stay fit then it  could lead to obesity and once you become an adult it is a lot harder.

Children should not exercise because they get enough exercise running around during the day. Kids get exercise regularly because kids have lot of energy.

3) Second point:

There are lots of kids that are suffering from obesity because they aren't fit. Children need to be fit for a health lifestyle. Thats why children need to exercise.

4) Third point:

Exercise builds strong bones. That’ll help with everything from how tall you stand to your overall strength. Exercise also strengthens and stretches muscles so thats helpful for more exercise.
5) Fourth point:

There are lots of children that have a lot of exercise and that are fit just from playing around outside. So too much exercise is not good for their health or for there body.

6) Conclusion (Summarise the main points of your argument)

Overall children should exercise because everybody needs to exercise because children need to be fit for later on in there life.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Ed

In the life education caravan Lyn teaches kids that everybody has potential and if you drink it could lead to addiction later in life. Adults can break down one bottle of beer per hour. So that means that the younger bodies absorption rates are faster than an adults body.  

Spirits contain a lot more alcohol than other drinks. And alcohol can lead to double vision and concussions and even death. Lots of teens start on RTD spirits because they are easy to get ahold of.

Lots of people start on marijuana because it is also easy to get hold of of it. Drugs can ruin peoples lives.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Wales in the Commonwealth games


Wales is located in Europe. Wales has hosted one Commonwealth Games in Cardiff 1958.

Wales are competing in the commonwealth games in Glasgow in Scotland. Wales is known as a commonwealth country and is also a country of many myths. Wales have been competing in many commonwealth games over the years.

Wales is coming ninth in the Glasgow 2014. Wales location originates just West of England and Southeast of Ireland. Wales is a part of the United Kingdom which is in Europe.

Over 3.060 million people live in wales and 324,800 people live in Cardiff the capital city. Cardiff is also known as the largest city in wales and is the ninth largest city in the UK.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Commonwealth Games

5 Facts that I already know about the Commonwealth Games:

Only Commonwealth countries compete
New Zealand are competing in the commonwealth games
Commonwealth games are a bit like olympics
there isn't as much countries competing than the olympics
theres more than 10 games

Useful links:

10 new facts that I found out about the Commonwealth Games: (include a link to the site where you found your information. Your information needs to be in your own words)

Four hundred athletes from eleven countries competed over 6 sports and 59 events in the first games in 1930.
Valerie Adams was the flag bearer for NZ at the opening ceremony
The first Commonwealth Games took place in Hamilton, Canada in 1930
The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games promises to be the best Commonwealth Games ever
The Commonwealth Games is a unique, world class event which is held once every four years. It's often referred to as the ‘Friendly Games’.
The Commonwealth is made up by 53 member countries.
More than two billion citizens live in the commonwealth and in 2009 447,043 of those people lived in the Highlands and Islands.  
On the second Monday in March every year, an annual celebration for the Commonwealth is held to mark the Commonwealth’s achievements.
Scotland has previously hosted the Commonwealth Games twice, in 1970 and 1986, both in Edinburgh.
Thirty-one of the commonwealth members have a population size of 1.5million people or less.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My holidays

On the first week of the holidays my brother and I went to Hoyts in Sylvia Park to watch ‘Transformers 4’. It was a two hour movie but the pop corn didn't last long. Transformers 4 is about robot dinosaurs. And the good transformers are the bad ones to the army. All the Autobots join together and fight against the bad Transformers.

On the second week of the holidays on Thursday it was my twelfth birthday. For my birthday we didn't really do much. I just stayed home in front of the Tv play the new game that I got called Watchdogs.

On the third week of the holidays Me and my family went out to Parakai Springs. It was a one hour drive from our house in Point England.
Once we got to the pools we looked for a space to sit. Me and Shelford took our clothes off and went straight into the water. I was expecting the water to be cold but it was warm. Me and Shelford started to bomb and that's when my dad's jumped in with my little sister Keyana.

We all started to get board of swimming so we when on the slide with the blue broads. We went on a tiresome journey up the long stairs. Me Shelford and my dad when up to the biggest slide and my other dad went with my younger sister Keyana to the smaller slide. Once we were at the bottom my dads and my sister didn't want to go again but me and Shelford went down about seven times.

When we got tired of the slide we got something to eat once we finished we went to the hotter pools inside. Before we left the pools we spent some time in the hot pools. And when we left to go home I fell asleep in the car.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

What is echolocation and how is it used?

What is echolocation and how is it used?

Echo’s are created by a sound bouncing off an object. People use echo’s if they want to know if there is a dead end in a cave. Echo’s can be heard after the sound has been made.  

Echolocation is an echo that rebounds off objects and comes back in the air molecules so you can hear what was said. Bats and other animals use echolocation to find food in pitch black. Other animals like dolphins and whales communicate using sound . Whales can use the water to amplify their low sounds. Dolphins make high pitched clicking sounds.

Some animals can use echolocation to figure out whos who.

Ben underwood uses echolocation because he was blind from eye cancer. Ben underwood could see using sharp clicking sounds with his mouth. He was able hear the echo from an object around or in front of him. By using echolocation Ben could rollerblade, bike and play basketball like a normal person.

Ben had learnt that he could see by clicking. He said “Clicking used to be a habit” and then hear the echoes from what was in front of him. He could hear were the echo’s were coming back from.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The weekend

Yesterday I went to the internet cafe and played games on the computers with my brother Shelford. We were there for about four hours. I learnt how to use cheat engine for social empires. And I helped my friend use it so he could level up on the game.

We all left and got a drink. Me and my brother went to go home and we saw Hiwarau and we started to play bands. Then we started to walk home and my Dad called me and asked me if we wanted to get a ride home.

So my dad picked me up from the library. Once we got home my friend named Kc. We started to play with our skateboards. Then we went inside and played skate 3.  

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to Kickflip on a skateboard

How to Kickflip on a skateboard

Learning how to Kickflip on a skateboard is the easiest trick after the Ollie. Once you are comfortable with riding around on your skateboard and with your Ollies thats when you can start learning how to kickflip.

First you need to put your weight on one foot but not too much weight because you need to have balance. The foot thats up closest to the top of the board is bent( the same technique as the Ollie). You flick the side of the skateboard. Try using a deck with no trucks and no wheels and practise on the grass.

Once you have learnt how to kickflip you start going a bit slower

Monday, May 26, 2014

Why we need to learn to swim

We need to learn how to because when we're out on a boat we need to know how to swim in case something bad happens.

Learning to swim is important if you want to have fun in the pool because it wouldn't be much fun you're in the shallow pools. The school payed for the swimming lesions for Pt England School last week we went swimming at the Glen Innes pools.

We learnt some basic swimming techniques like backstroke, breaststroke and others. If we don't bring our togs we had to go on detention because our school has payed money to buy the lain's and haier a swimming teacher.

I was lazy and didn't bring my togs for two swimming lessons and I had to watch on the side of the pool with a pencil and paper with my friends. Me for the three times I did go swimming I had to go with my friends Iisa, Frankie, Neo, Lukis and Anthony.

I have enjoyed swimming last week.

Friday, May 23, 2014


A guitar is a musical instrument that makes musical sounds from six strings. Many music artists use guitars for their songs. There are lots of ways people use guitars.

There are a lot of parts to the guitar that makes it sound better. Tuning keys would be the most annoying part to the guitar. It gets really annoying when people untune the guitar strings. But then again, tuning keys are simply made for tuning the strings to the right sound.

The neck of the guitar holds lines of frets which helps you form guitar chords. The body of an acoustic guitar is the part that keeps the guitar
together. An acoustic guitar is different to a classical guitar because the strings are a different and are sometimes made of steel.  

When the string is plucked or strummed the strings vibrate and make a sound. That then goes into the hole in the sound board that echoes and amplifies the sound from the strings. And that's how the sound is created by the guitar.

Friday, May 16, 2014

brandon's Funnel ears Science experiment template

Science experiment:

Question: What will happen to the sound if I change the shape of a piece of paper? (e.g. from a flat shape to a funnel shape)

Links to research about Sound:
Hypothesis: (What do you think will happen?) e.g. I think that….
It’s going to get louder
Materials needed:
tissue paper
Experiment (procedure):

e.g. Step 1 - First hold a flat piece of paper against your ear. Block your other ear with your hand. Get your partner to speak to you. What is the sound like? Can you hear clearly?

Step 2 - Next, roll the piece of paper into a funnel shape. Put the funnel against your ear. Face the funnel towards your partner and listen to them speak. What does it sound like? Can you hear clearly?

Step 3 - Next, face the funnel to the side while your partner speaks to you. Does it make a difference to the sound that you can hear?

Step 4 - Put some cotton balls or tissue paper into the funnel to block one end. Does it make a difference to the sound you hear?

Step 5 - Next, roll the piece of paper up and l

Data (What happened?)

flat piece of paper
it becomes harder to hear
funnel facing to the front
its becomes louder
funnel facing to the side
harder to hear
cotton ball or tissue  blocking the narrow end of the funnel
you can't hear as well
rolled up piece of paper (facing to the front)
It becomes clear
rolled up piece of paper (facing to the side)
sounds the same


When the paper was flat I found out that it was harder to hear
When the funnel is facing the front it becomes louder
When the funnel is facing to the side its harder to hear
When I put some paper at the end of the funnel its harder to hear
When the funnel is rolled up the sound gets a bit clearer
the sound doesn't change


I learnt that sound can be amplified by a funnel shaped piece of paper