Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

Brandons hurdles

I'm feeling nervous I need to win I don’t know if i’m going to win or lose because I didn’t make in the Beijing olympics. Ready set go!! I sore the athletes past smack!! I hit the hurdle I could see another athlete fall.

I was embarrassed my leg was burning because my hamstring was hit I lay there for a minute then I started to hop to the door that I walked thru furst. No!! the man seed you can't go this way that made it much wrus I hop to my other hurdle and kissed it I was going to retire.

There was two competitions coming to help me and carry me to my coach.I’m not going to do hurdles eny more.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Olympic Sentence Builder

The talented athlete celebrated enthusiastic because he won the gold.

A talented athlete celebrated enthusiastically as he was so proud.

Celebrating enthusiastically the talented athlete was exhausted.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Panasonic Storyboard

We entered a storyboard competition that is called Kids Witness News that is sponsored by Panasonic and our class was picked out of the top twenty our class storyboard was called crazy communication . Paul from Panasonic came to our school assembly and congratulate us with our prize a video camera,microphone and a memory card. Room 13 worked hard to earn our prize.

We now have to film our movie with our new video camera. And thank you Panasonic for the equipment and we hope that we win.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cross Country Practice

“Cross country practice” Miss King said ow do we have to yes if you want to be fit for the real cross country you're going to have to.

Once we arrived at the big court all team four was there. We sat in a line

“Now listen up” Miss Garden said, we have made a new course. Just when Miss Garden was going to say another word Mister Somerville said“the foot path is blocked off”.

Ok change of plan we are just going to run up to Mister Marks around him, cross the road and then up River Side Road

“Room 13” Miss Garden said I took off but I didn’t want to run because I didn’t want to waste my breath.

My friend Moses and I were running together I could hear feet pounding the pavement I thought I was going to give up but I didn’t.

I could then see Mister Marks I thought that it was easy.

Running past Mister Marks I forgot that I had to run around him. “Brandon” he said “you've got to run around me”

Catching up to my friend I noticed that I was running past my house.

I was now up to Miss King there was cars coming “stop” said Miss King, while we were jogging on the spot. The cars went past “Go!” Just running up the road I noticed that I was almost finished.

I felt great I thought that it was short I felt much fitter. My goal is to beat my score. I can’t wait for the next cross country practice.