Friday, June 29, 2012

Our ugly class

Our ugly classroom. Today it started off with colours, but once we finished stripping the wall and took everything off the wall, it is now ugly and plain we had to do that because it is old. I wish that it was not ugly.

And there was a big spider that lived in the corner and it use to be really happy intel it was disturbed. Now it is anode it now needs to find a new home.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My group's art reflection

PT England's New Art Gallery

Today we had the first look at the new art gallery and we filmed it for Mr Burt because he is in San Diego. But the art that caught my eye was Meleane To’a she had done a Jackson Pollock.
I thought that it looked realistic and cool.

As I walked around I could see a lot of different styles like picasso and collage and shading. It was like a maze it was dark but the dark made our art stand out, especially room 13’s art because it was bright and colorful. It was fun looking at all the art our school are artists.

“ROOM 13” Miss King shouted “Now you have had a look at all the art, it is time to choose what is the best art”. And I picked Meleane To’a’s, art it was the best. “Now you have chosen your favorite piece of art you keep it in your head until we go to class and write about it!”

Thursday, June 21, 2012


P.E.P.A pepa stands for Pt England Performing Arts and what I liked about it was the hip hop because the person that was doing it it looked like he had no bones because he twisted his arms right back. It looked extremely hard and sore.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kiwi kick

Kiwi kick
 Kiwi kick is a game something like rugby but the rules are different because in rugby you can’t be in front of the kicker and they pass different like the drop punt.People that come to a lot of schools around New Zealand and teach them how to play and they have come to our school this is the second time they have come to our school I’m not very good at it because I’m used to rugby. “The first strategy you need to know is the drop punt”Sam sead(The instructor) and straight away I started to listen a drop punt is a pass I was confused because it was a kick and Sam showed us how you do one and Sam sead lasers away from faces.

“Get a team of two and once you get a partner sit back down every one have a partner” Yes OK every one go and try it. It looked easier than it was because I couldn't kick the ball straight at my partner purr the weasel got blown. There was some thing to learn it was the hand pass that was not confusing but it wasn't what I expected.

After we learnt all the skills we had a game I was nervous because I was not very good at it but it was worth a try. I stood at the back because I wasn't good we had a close game but we lost but it was fun to learn a new sport. Sadly that was the last minis but we're going to do it again next week.