Monday, May 26, 2014

Why we need to learn to swim

We need to learn how to because when we're out on a boat we need to know how to swim in case something bad happens.

Learning to swim is important if you want to have fun in the pool because it wouldn't be much fun you're in the shallow pools. The school payed for the swimming lesions for Pt England School last week we went swimming at the Glen Innes pools.

We learnt some basic swimming techniques like backstroke, breaststroke and others. If we don't bring our togs we had to go on detention because our school has payed money to buy the lain's and haier a swimming teacher.

I was lazy and didn't bring my togs for two swimming lessons and I had to watch on the side of the pool with a pencil and paper with my friends. Me for the three times I did go swimming I had to go with my friends Iisa, Frankie, Neo, Lukis and Anthony.

I have enjoyed swimming last week.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience Brandon. Well done also for remembering to bring your togs for some of the swimming lessons. Remember to proof read and edit your writing as there are several errors that need fixing.