Friday, February 8, 2013

Holiday fun at Maraetai

In the holiday I went to Maraetai beach with my family. Maraetai beach is east of Auckland not far from Whitford and Clevedon about 45 minutes from Panmure. When we arrived we got our towels,food,sunblock and togs me my brother and my sister ran and jumped on the hot sand. I was relieved that we were out of the car it started to get a bit smelly with five people crammed up in one car.

Once we setup our towels and placed them on the hot sand I asked my dad if he wanted to build a sandcastle “yes” my dad replied my dad built up the structure and I look for mussel shells and shells that look cool. When we got bored we went into the water for a swim and when I warmed up I asked my dad if I could bomb of the platform.

“Time to go” I heard my dad say can we get some sea food before we go yes go on then yuss. We went to the local BBQ and cooked the mussels and cockles.