Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Minecraft is a 3D pixelated computer and a X-Box game. The game Minecraft got it’s name from, well... mining and crafting you can make new world’s by doing single player( by yourself ) and you have a choice before you make the world by doing creative mode or survival mode. Survival mode is when you can get block’s of wood and you can make a crafting table and you can make wooden planks stick’s, axe’s,pickaxes,shovels and hoes. Creative mode is when your player can press E to open your inventory and you have everything on the game and you can fly. There are diamonds,emeralds,gold,redstone and lapist and you can make all the thing’s above.

PvP is a type of server that you fight other players with swords and different type’s the most played PvP server is called, Hunger Games,. Servers are worlds that people around the world make for people that want to play. Mod’s are a tiny bit like hacking but mod’s are thing that let you do different things like X-ray, To many items, flips and tricks and a lot more.

MineCraft is one of the most played game in the world if you don’t have in try downloading it one day and I hope you like it.


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