Monday, September 22, 2014


In the weekends me and my friend semi played X-Box together. First we played Call of duty Black ops 2 1v1 quickscoping. Semi was using the Ballista with iron sight and I was using DSR50 and the score was 4-71 and I won.

Semi insisted a rematch so we had a rematch with the same guns and the score was 2-73 and then he turned off the T.V and then we put on Watchdogs.

The plan was to find someone who has info about me as a vigilante but the bad thing was he’s in prison. But the plan was not to kill him but to let him know that I can reach him any time so he wouldn't tell anyone. Because he could get let off in 30 days for good behavior and I could change it to 60 years.  

We started to do some missions which we had to break into a prison which was easy because I just needed to walk into a police station. The uniform issuer gave me a phone which I could hack the cameras and find the man who I was looking for.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cross country

Oh no, cross country!

Cross country was held on the 11th of September, last Thursday. Last year was a lot easier because this year the track was twice as long.

Getting ready into our team colours was easy because all I needed was a red T-shirt. Te Arawa house colours are red. Once I walked out of the breeze all I could see were colors everywhere! Blue, red, green and yellow. There was even pink? There were lots of colors. Te Arawa (red) Tainui (blue) Matatua (green) and Takitimu (yellow).

First the year ones ran. Then the year twos. It goes on in that order until it got to the year 5 girls turn to run. The year 7 boys had to run next. I just heard Mr Jacobson announcing the places for the year 4 girls my stomach filled with butterflies it was time to run. “Here come the year 7 boys which there run is 3 km long” Mr Jacobson said on the mic.

Mr Burt was the one who starts the race. Reddy? set? GO! said mr Burt. Me and my friend Hiwarau were jogging together. Just comming onto the secon

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Letter to John Key

I am writing this letter to Mr Key to make him aware that plastic bags are becoming big problem. For the sea life.

Dear Prime Minister
Did you know that plastic bags are commonly mistaken for food by animals? Sea creatures ingest plastic and choke. Dolphins will eat pieces of plastic sheeting they mistake for jellyfish and other prey.
There is a big impact on fishing industries. Because fish are ingesting plastic or rubbish. There are a lot of plastic items in the ocean because people are just littering. Did you know that there is a big island that is made from rubbish and it is big enough so you can walk on it?
Did you know that there are thousands of sea creatures are dying  because of the plastic and other rubbish? Many of them are choking and washing up on shore because of plastic bags and other plastic items.
And all of this can be stopped by throwing rubbish in the bin. I suggest charging Ten cents or Twenty. To help the lower the numbers for plastic bags or make big bins for plastic.

Monday, September 1, 2014

why people should and shouldn't exercise

Everyone needs to get exercise even if your a kid because your body needs to stay fit. Being a kid it is easy to stay fit but if you don't stay fit then it  could lead to obesity and once you become an adult it is a lot harder.

Children should not exercise because they get enough exercise running around during the day. Kids get exercise regularly because kids have lot of energy.

3) Second point:

There are lots of kids that are suffering from obesity because they aren't fit. Children need to be fit for a health lifestyle. Thats why children need to exercise.

4) Third point:

Exercise builds strong bones. That’ll help with everything from how tall you stand to your overall strength. Exercise also strengthens and stretches muscles so thats helpful for more exercise.
5) Fourth point:

There are lots of children that have a lot of exercise and that are fit just from playing around outside. So too much exercise is not good for their health or for there body.

6) Conclusion (Summarise the main points of your argument)

Overall children should exercise because everybody needs to exercise because children need to be fit for later on in there life.