Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cross country

Oh no, cross country!

Cross country was held on the 11th of September, last Thursday. Last year was a lot easier because this year the track was twice as long.

Getting ready into our team colours was easy because all I needed was a red T-shirt. Te Arawa house colours are red. Once I walked out of the breeze all I could see were colors everywhere! Blue, red, green and yellow. There was even pink? There were lots of colors. Te Arawa (red) Tainui (blue) Matatua (green) and Takitimu (yellow).

First the year ones ran. Then the year twos. It goes on in that order until it got to the year 5 girls turn to run. The year 7 boys had to run next. I just heard Mr Jacobson announcing the places for the year 4 girls my stomach filled with butterflies it was time to run. “Here come the year 7 boys which there run is 3 km long” Mr Jacobson said on the mic.

Mr Burt was the one who starts the race. Reddy? set? GO! said mr Burt. Me and my friend Hiwarau were jogging together. Just comming onto the secon

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