Monday, September 1, 2014

why people should and shouldn't exercise

Everyone needs to get exercise even if your a kid because your body needs to stay fit. Being a kid it is easy to stay fit but if you don't stay fit then it  could lead to obesity and once you become an adult it is a lot harder.

Children should not exercise because they get enough exercise running around during the day. Kids get exercise regularly because kids have lot of energy.

3) Second point:

There are lots of kids that are suffering from obesity because they aren't fit. Children need to be fit for a health lifestyle. Thats why children need to exercise.

4) Third point:

Exercise builds strong bones. That’ll help with everything from how tall you stand to your overall strength. Exercise also strengthens and stretches muscles so thats helpful for more exercise.
5) Fourth point:

There are lots of children that have a lot of exercise and that are fit just from playing around outside. So too much exercise is not good for their health or for there body.

6) Conclusion (Summarise the main points of your argument)

Overall children should exercise because everybody needs to exercise because children need to be fit for later on in there life.

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