Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The weekend

Yesterday I went to the internet cafe and played games on the computers with my brother Shelford. We were there for about four hours. I learnt how to use cheat engine for social empires. And I helped my friend use it so he could level up on the game.

We all left and got a drink. Me and my brother went to go home and we saw Hiwarau and we started to play bands. Then we started to walk home and my Dad called me and asked me if we wanted to get a ride home.

So my dad picked me up from the library. Once we got home my friend named Kc. We started to play with our skateboards. Then we went inside and played skate 3.  

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  1. Brandon
    What a great recount about your activities. I used to work in the area so I know Glenn Innes very, very well and miss it incredibly! (I now teach at a small rural school at the bottom of the North Island).

    I really enjoyed how you paragraphed with your writing and how you had each of the parts of your writing in different paragraphs. It was also very descriptive so I got a good sense of the activities that you were involved in during the weekend.

    There are of course some other fantastic places around Glenn Innes. What other places do you like going to? Where are you favourite places outside of Glenn Innes that you like to visit?

    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.