Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank you letter

Dear Mr Alai

Thank you for giving up your time to help us at the picnic. Your help was important because if we did not have enough helpers our class would have not gone down to the beach.

There was baseball and all sorts of sports. To play baseball you will need four bases, one for the pitcher, one for base one base two and the third base. The umpire calls “batter up” and the pitcher will throw the ball and the batter now tries to hit the ball as far as he/her can. But when you hit the ball you run to the first base and if you hit it far enough you might even get a home run.  

My favourite part about the picnic was making clay balls on the beach.

Thank you
From Brandon

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Duffy show

Walking to the hall I could hear the rest of the school chatting. I wondered what we were doing if I hadn't been daydreaming I would have known what we were doing. But as I was walking I saw a Duffy trailer and then I knew why we were going in to the hall. It was a Duffy show. Almost tripping over the chairs outside the hall, I then thought that it was a good idea to focus. It was so hot I wanted a mobile fan to bring everywhere I went.

I think that everyone was starting to get annoyed and angry because the show hadn't started. There was lots of moving while waiting I even saw someone getting a growling.

Duffy had a cloak on that had all sorts of books. All of a sudden I heard a yell. Duffy was reading a book, he was playing the king in the book. The book was called the king of colours. I could see that everyone was then excited that the show had started.

Friday, February 7, 2014

The 3ps

We are learning about the tree 3ps because it about Waitangi and Waitangi is tomorrow.

What are the 3ps? The 3ps are Protection, Partnership and participation. Protection,looking after one and other and also thinking ahead. It also means safety, caring and defence.

Partnership means working together. We also work together at school and some time out of school. Teamwork also relates to Partnership. Pt England works as a team to strive to succeed.

Participation, is all about giving it a shot in sports, music, and learning subject. We also partake in all the subjects. Ownership.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My wonderful Holiday

In the Holiday I went diving for Kina. The water was warm but every time the seaweed touched my legs I would almost drowned. And getting the Kina off the rocks was a lot harder. Seeing the fish swimming past almost gave me a heart attack. Eventually I got out. And then started to fish.As I was fishing I got my hooks stuck in the seaweed. Then I finally I got it out but as I was bringing it in I had a fish.

I just didn't know where to fish but I just couldn't find a good spot. It wasn't long before I got bored so I started to watch the birds fly past. But I didn't know that some other birds were taking my bait.

But sadly I had to go home the day went so fast but the best part about it was that it was the holidays.