Monday, August 26, 2013

My weekend

In the weekend's me and my family walked down to the beach. Me and my sister and my brother played on the playground and I fell off the swings. Then my sister got board and we walked back home and then we played a kinect on the X-box. Once we played BOII and I made my brother prestige master.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The brave little tailor

Title: The brave little tailor

Author:brothers Grimm

Characters tailor layer, giant strong guy , king scared guy daughter

Setting: Germany

What was the problem The little tailor was lying to everyone

What was the solution he stopped lying lied

My favourite part of the story was?

hasel and gretal follow up

Title:Hansel and Gretel

Author:Brothers grimm

Characters Hansel step mum dada gretel witch
Setting in a poor cottages

What was the problem the step mum told their father to take his children into the forest and the witch was going to eat the children

What was the solution?Throw witch into the pot

What was the Moral of the Story?

My favourite part of the story was?When the mum died

Monday, August 19, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

The hare and the tortoise

My name Fazy because it rhymes with lazy. I’m always eating grass slowly too and hibernate.

Just as usually, eating grass all day long because I  just got out of hibernating this Hare called Lighting was signing signatures . He is like his brother Speedy. Lighting comes along and makes trouble with me, I don't know what's his problem is.

A fox called Eric that comes from the bushes and sticks up for me. I just kept eating while Eric becomes this know  it all. He told Lighting that I will win but I thought I had no chance. Then Eric said “Did you know that he is a hibernator” Lighting said “that means he is sooo lazy.”  “NOOO that means he sleeps
through winter” Eric replied angrily.

Then Lighting ask “ok  then why won’t we have a race to the forest and back.” Then Eric said “ok  then if Fazy wins you and your slowly group work for him.”  “And if I the fastest animal win you have to do what I say.” “Then it will be tomorrow at quarter past 1.”

The race day and Fazy or the Tortoise was stretching his legs and we started the race. Then Fazy took off  and Lighting was just standing there laughing at Fazy. “you stupid Tortoise you will never defeat me,” said Lighting. “Well see

mission bay

In the weekend I went to mission bay with my dad my sister and my brother. We looked for the best car's around. When we got to the beach we started to draw with stick's in the sand. My dad drew a dragon and I drew a bird and a creeper.

We left the beach because it was to windy and my brother forgot his jumper and we went to the look out and we saw a rusty wheel chair. Then we went to look at the houses then we went home 


At the start in March, 2001 there was an attack that happened against me, my sister who wears nappy's with dairy all the time and is sooo slooow, and some friends. It was some random people and they tied me separately to my sister called Francis. My body had scars and bullet marks. I didn’t know where my friends were but I knew that they weren't safe.

I tried to get out but my body was stinging like bees was sting in the same spot. Then my younger sister who works for the Nava broke out and the prison guard snap her and  set the alarm off and the captain Martin came and shoot her with a M1911 in his spine and took him somewhere and that’s when I knew to kill Martin for killing my brother.

Then I finally broke out and act like I didn’t. Then I yelled out to the guard when he was by his self “over here”. He came and said “shut” then I got his face and smack it against the door and he was knocked out. I quickly grab the keys and free myself. Then I grab his knife and quietly stab the guard I knock out.

Then I seek my way out and saw one friend of mine. It was a boy called Brock and Martin was there talking to him. Brock was on a chair tied up and the captain Martin was making him suicide and then he went and I thought to myself here is my chance to kill that guard and free Brock. Then I quietly killed that guard and threw his knife at the other guard. I disarmed the alarm and untied the rope. I told him to jump the fence while I hide the body’s. I threw the chair over and climbed the fence. I saw a car coming pass so I tried to hide but there was no where to hide. I ran off because people were trying to shoot me and I slide down this mountain and saw a bridge and water was down there. I jump in the water and this man save my life.

Then I grab a knife and thought he was one of them but he pull out his knife and stab me. I was stuffing and I wanted to kill him but I was to weak. Then I faded out and I die.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The modernised ugly duckling

Title:  Wolf Life

Start Writing Here

On a early monday 2001 in New Zealand, there was a mother wolf. Her name was call Shrim and the father was named Bob. The mother wolf borned a wolf and they name him Jack. Jack was the youngest

Jack was grey and had green patches. He was really different to the others. Jack wish that he can be like the others. They had black patches and some were white. His brothers and sisters were mocking him and the mother want him out.

The sound Jack made was like a chicken. Bu burke bu burke to the others. Wolves were laughing and Bom and Shrim was a shame. Jack ran off and hid behind a tall tree covered with grass and sheep was there. He bit it but it ran off after that and Jack was hungry.

Then a neighbour whisper to Shrim “he’s ugly and hurts mine ear shaming for you’s. Ain't you gonna kick him out of your house or be a shame.” Shrim or the mum replied quite sad “yes I going to do it when Bob can look after his own self.” That late at night when only the dad was awake Jack had to be like a ninja and seek out. Then he went off.

Jack was cold and rain started to turn in gales.  Jack stomach was starving and then he found a place and had light. The door was left open so he went in and slept under the bed which was near the fire.  He was warm and when the sun was rising the next morning he was about to go out then a old man snap him. Jack quickly ran out and went off.

Jack was thrusting and hungry so he went around trying to find food as well as water. When he saw a pond he drank it and  one tenth was out of it. Then he saw a wolf running pass and saw a hunter so Jack seek like a ninja and followed the wolf. The wolf was his mother and he found his way back home.  

Monday, August 5, 2013

Balloon rocket experiment

This is a experiment that the year 5/6 extension class done.

Friday, August 2, 2013

A good friend

A good friend is someone whose always there for you, gives up their time for you, and always includes you or others . Friends are important, and when you're being bullied there all ways there, they can help you get out of things. Friends are people who are loving, helpful, and never bullies you..