Friday, August 16, 2013


At the start in March, 2001 there was an attack that happened against me, my sister who wears nappy's with dairy all the time and is sooo slooow, and some friends. It was some random people and they tied me separately to my sister called Francis. My body had scars and bullet marks. I didn’t know where my friends were but I knew that they weren't safe.

I tried to get out but my body was stinging like bees was sting in the same spot. Then my younger sister who works for the Nava broke out and the prison guard snap her and  set the alarm off and the captain Martin came and shoot her with a M1911 in his spine and took him somewhere and that’s when I knew to kill Martin for killing my brother.

Then I finally broke out and act like I didn’t. Then I yelled out to the guard when he was by his self “over here”. He came and said “shut” then I got his face and smack it against the door and he was knocked out. I quickly grab the keys and free myself. Then I grab his knife and quietly stab the guard I knock out.

Then I seek my way out and saw one friend of mine. It was a boy called Brock and Martin was there talking to him. Brock was on a chair tied up and the captain Martin was making him suicide and then he went and I thought to myself here is my chance to kill that guard and free Brock. Then I quietly killed that guard and threw his knife at the other guard. I disarmed the alarm and untied the rope. I told him to jump the fence while I hide the body’s. I threw the chair over and climbed the fence. I saw a car coming pass so I tried to hide but there was no where to hide. I ran off because people were trying to shoot me and I slide down this mountain and saw a bridge and water was down there. I jump in the water and this man save my life.

Then I grab a knife and thought he was one of them but he pull out his knife and stab me. I was stuffing and I wanted to kill him but I was to weak. Then I faded out and I die.

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