Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aussie Rules

Aussie rules

On Thursday room 13 played Aussie rules.  Megan and Allysa were going to be our teachers this afternoon.  We learnt to pass by hitting the ball with my fist, it was weird. It was funny because I thought we were playing with a Amercian football, but it was AFL ball. This skill taught us how to pass the ball properly.
Then we played ball Tiggy I got tagged straight away it was fun.  But I liked being the tagger because I got 7 people.  I almost tagged Lee but he jumped out of the way. He was too fast for me, but i’ll get him next time As we were doing warm ups, the wind almost blew me over. The weather was changing a lot. First it felt like Summer, and then it felt like winter.
I had fun playing on the big field.  I felt sad when we had to go back to class. It was a fun afternoon with Megan and Allysa.   



Room13 made Alfajorcitos

Alfajorcitos are a Argentinian treat that are very very yummy.

biscuits and then you put caramel made out of condensed milk all over the base of the biscuits. We were tempted to lick the knife as  we sandwiched the biscuits together.

It tasted really yum this is the best treat ever.!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cross Country

feathery dead bird on the track at Pt England School’s Cross Country.

As we walked to the start line, we were filled with nervous excitement. This year it was a new, and much longer course - heaps of people would be watching too! “Take your marks!” instructed Mr Burt and off we took with determination and perseverance.

Running over the rocks, my legs began to feel like wobbly jelly and my lungs were bursting. Oh no! This was only the beginning!

Twisting and turning along the winding path, the race felt never ending. “Ouch, Ouch” I said over and over ,my feet were killing me. I had lost my shoes at the start and running in my socks was painful.

My spirits lifted as I spied Miss Va’afusuaga and Feki dancing at finish line. I gave a burst of speed and collapsed over the line, relieved and exhausted.

Excitement spread across my face as I knew this horrible day was finally over. Oh No! I nearly forgot - we have to do it alla gain next year.