Friday, July 25, 2014

Commonwealth Games

5 Facts that I already know about the Commonwealth Games:

Only Commonwealth countries compete
New Zealand are competing in the commonwealth games
Commonwealth games are a bit like olympics
there isn't as much countries competing than the olympics
theres more than 10 games

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10 new facts that I found out about the Commonwealth Games: (include a link to the site where you found your information. Your information needs to be in your own words)

Four hundred athletes from eleven countries competed over 6 sports and 59 events in the first games in 1930.
Valerie Adams was the flag bearer for NZ at the opening ceremony
The first Commonwealth Games took place in Hamilton, Canada in 1930
The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games promises to be the best Commonwealth Games ever
The Commonwealth Games is a unique, world class event which is held once every four years. It's often referred to as the ‘Friendly Games’.
The Commonwealth is made up by 53 member countries.
More than two billion citizens live in the commonwealth and in 2009 447,043 of those people lived in the Highlands and Islands.  
On the second Monday in March every year, an annual celebration for the Commonwealth is held to mark the Commonwealth’s achievements.
Scotland has previously hosted the Commonwealth Games twice, in 1970 and 1986, both in Edinburgh.
Thirty-one of the commonwealth members have a population size of 1.5million people or less.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My holidays

On the first week of the holidays my brother and I went to Hoyts in Sylvia Park to watch ‘Transformers 4’. It was a two hour movie but the pop corn didn't last long. Transformers 4 is about robot dinosaurs. And the good transformers are the bad ones to the army. All the Autobots join together and fight against the bad Transformers.

On the second week of the holidays on Thursday it was my twelfth birthday. For my birthday we didn't really do much. I just stayed home in front of the Tv play the new game that I got called Watchdogs.

On the third week of the holidays Me and my family went out to Parakai Springs. It was a one hour drive from our house in Point England.
Once we got to the pools we looked for a space to sit. Me and Shelford took our clothes off and went straight into the water. I was expecting the water to be cold but it was warm. Me and Shelford started to bomb and that's when my dad's jumped in with my little sister Keyana.

We all started to get board of swimming so we when on the slide with the blue broads. We went on a tiresome journey up the long stairs. Me Shelford and my dad when up to the biggest slide and my other dad went with my younger sister Keyana to the smaller slide. Once we were at the bottom my dads and my sister didn't want to go again but me and Shelford went down about seven times.

When we got tired of the slide we got something to eat once we finished we went to the hotter pools inside. Before we left the pools we spent some time in the hot pools. And when we left to go home I fell asleep in the car.