Monday, May 26, 2014

Why we need to learn to swim

We need to learn how to because when we're out on a boat we need to know how to swim in case something bad happens.

Learning to swim is important if you want to have fun in the pool because it wouldn't be much fun you're in the shallow pools. The school payed for the swimming lesions for Pt England School last week we went swimming at the Glen Innes pools.

We learnt some basic swimming techniques like backstroke, breaststroke and others. If we don't bring our togs we had to go on detention because our school has payed money to buy the lain's and haier a swimming teacher.

I was lazy and didn't bring my togs for two swimming lessons and I had to watch on the side of the pool with a pencil and paper with my friends. Me for the three times I did go swimming I had to go with my friends Iisa, Frankie, Neo, Lukis and Anthony.

I have enjoyed swimming last week.

Friday, May 23, 2014


A guitar is a musical instrument that makes musical sounds from six strings. Many music artists use guitars for their songs. There are lots of ways people use guitars.

There are a lot of parts to the guitar that makes it sound better. Tuning keys would be the most annoying part to the guitar. It gets really annoying when people untune the guitar strings. But then again, tuning keys are simply made for tuning the strings to the right sound.

The neck of the guitar holds lines of frets which helps you form guitar chords. The body of an acoustic guitar is the part that keeps the guitar
together. An acoustic guitar is different to a classical guitar because the strings are a different and are sometimes made of steel.  

When the string is plucked or strummed the strings vibrate and make a sound. That then goes into the hole in the sound board that echoes and amplifies the sound from the strings. And that's how the sound is created by the guitar.

Friday, May 16, 2014

brandon's Funnel ears Science experiment template

Science experiment:

Question: What will happen to the sound if I change the shape of a piece of paper? (e.g. from a flat shape to a funnel shape)

Links to research about Sound:
Hypothesis: (What do you think will happen?) e.g. I think that….
It’s going to get louder
Materials needed:
tissue paper
Experiment (procedure):

e.g. Step 1 - First hold a flat piece of paper against your ear. Block your other ear with your hand. Get your partner to speak to you. What is the sound like? Can you hear clearly?

Step 2 - Next, roll the piece of paper into a funnel shape. Put the funnel against your ear. Face the funnel towards your partner and listen to them speak. What does it sound like? Can you hear clearly?

Step 3 - Next, face the funnel to the side while your partner speaks to you. Does it make a difference to the sound that you can hear?

Step 4 - Put some cotton balls or tissue paper into the funnel to block one end. Does it make a difference to the sound you hear?

Step 5 - Next, roll the piece of paper up and l

Data (What happened?)

flat piece of paper
it becomes harder to hear
funnel facing to the front
its becomes louder
funnel facing to the side
harder to hear
cotton ball or tissue  blocking the narrow end of the funnel
you can't hear as well
rolled up piece of paper (facing to the front)
It becomes clear
rolled up piece of paper (facing to the side)
sounds the same


When the paper was flat I found out that it was harder to hear
When the funnel is facing the front it becomes louder
When the funnel is facing to the side its harder to hear
When I put some paper at the end of the funnel its harder to hear
When the funnel is rolled up the sound gets a bit clearer
the sound doesn't change


I learnt that sound can be amplified by a funnel shaped piece of paper

How music is important in life

Music is important. Sound is also important, because without sound there would be no music.

Sound travels by vibrations with air molecules that vibrate in sound waves that travels into the inner ear. Then the vibrations travels into the cochlea (The snail like mussel that's in the ear) that then vibrates the little hairs that then sends the vibration to the brain and that’s how you hear.

There are lot’s of different types of instruments like strumming instruments, blowing instruments and much more. Musical instruments are used for entertainment and songs and also play’s.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Today we had an Immersion Assembly about what the rest of the school is learning about.

I learnt what the science behind sound. And how your ears work and that you’re ears are important and life would be a lot harder and dangerous.

And I learnt about buoyancy and displacing water. When something is placed into water it displaces and the water level rises by the amount that was put into the water.

We also learnt about flight, lift and drag and how fast light travels and gravity. And Zoo safety equipment. And a welcome to the new term.