Thursday, March 28, 2013

Testing Omaru Creek for colour

Testing Omaru Creek for Colour

I am going to find out: How clean/dirty the water around G.I is

I am going to test this by: Putting the water into jar’s to see how clean/dirty the water is

Resources and equipment: 4 samples of the water around Omaru creek and the sea and the tap water

Results of my tests

Sea Water
Clean, but cloudy
Tap water
transparent and clean
Omaru Creek water by culvert
Green and dark pieces
Omaru Creek water by bridge
light green

My conclusion (what I found out): sea water is almost transparent

Why I think this is: Because lot’s of plants/fish clean the water

Mangere Pools camp

As our final camp activity we all went to the awesome Mangere Pools. It was day 3 of the Year 5/6 camp and I didn't realise that it would go so fast. I just wished that we would make the most of it. As we arrived at Moana nui a kiwa I wanted to jump straight into the Pool. Sitting down on the grass we had to watch the good swimmers race and I hated it. I wanted to swim myself I was furious.

There was a slide attached to the diving pool. The long blue slide led off to the volcano pool where it is not so deep. Every time someone goes down the line of kids brought the sponge board up for the next person to have a turn. The slide was cool once you got half way down and then you start speeding up I thought it was fun.

We had ten more minutes and that was when the bombing pools opened. The last bomb I tried was the worst because I slipped as I jumped off the diving board and the first jump I tried was a front flip. Me and my friends then started leaping in and out of the pool trying to have as many turns as I could.

I was proud that I had a lot of fun I hope that I can go back there once more time.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Turbidity(clear) the water from Omaru creek

Turbidity  Testing Omaru Creek for -

I am going to find out: The turbidity of the creek

I am going to test this by: sampling the water and putting something behind the glass jar and find out how clear you it is

Resources and equipment: 2 bucket, String, 4 glass jars and paper with writing on it big to small

I predict that: The size we see through the bridge water will be 12, the culvert 9 and the control waters 9 too.

I think this because: The bridge water looks green and cloudy.

Results of my tests

Sea Water
Tap water
Omaru Creek water by culvert
Omaru Creek water by bridge

My conclusion (what I found out): The water by the culvert is has more turbidity than the bridge water

Why I think this is: Because the water coming out of the culvert is clean, I think that the catfish are
stirring the mud and rubbish up from the bottom of the creek.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Testing Omaru Creek

Testing Omaru Creek for -

I am going to find out: What the water smells like

I am going to test this by: Smelling the water

Resources and equipment: 4 jars,String and a bucket

I predict that: The culvert is going to smell the worst

I think this because: It’s a good way to get the water

Results of my tests

Sea Water
A little bit fishy
Tap water
The jar was the only thing I could smell
Omaru Creek water by culvert
Musty and old
Omaru Creek water by bridge
old plants

My conclusion (what I found out): The culvert water was cleaner today than yesterday

Why I think this is: The water went out to the sea because of the wind

Monday, March 18, 2013

My groups dance for camp

This is a dance that my group of  the Year 5/6 camp 2013 we are dancing to undefeated by Jason Derulo hope you like it.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Camp is finally come!!

Yesterday 9 o'clock camp 2013 started. Wednesday Op stars went roller blading in the breezz and half of the Op stars were playing table tennis and basket ball. Today we finished get lost next we are kayaking I hope that I have a great time. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Camp Introduction Paragraphs

Camp! finally it is only a week away. The camp that Point England School makes camp is awesome. Year 5 to 6 camp is on the field and the year 6 to 8 go on a special camp they go to Kawau island.

Do you know what is happening next week on wednesday? Camp! School camp. The School has a camp on the field every year from year 5 to 6. And year 6 to 8 go to Kawau island.

In a world, in a country, in a city, in a school, all the year 5 & 6 students will face their biggest challenge yet: going on a school camp. The event itself is only 8 nights away. The year 6’s have had one year practise, and the year 5’s are next. It’s actually really fun. Can you please tell me what paragraph is best.