Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mangere Pools camp

As our final camp activity we all went to the awesome Mangere Pools. It was day 3 of the Year 5/6 camp and I didn't realise that it would go so fast. I just wished that we would make the most of it. As we arrived at Moana nui a kiwa I wanted to jump straight into the Pool. Sitting down on the grass we had to watch the good swimmers race and I hated it. I wanted to swim myself I was furious.

There was a slide attached to the diving pool. The long blue slide led off to the volcano pool where it is not so deep. Every time someone goes down the line of kids brought the sponge board up for the next person to have a turn. The slide was cool once you got half way down and then you start speeding up I thought it was fun.

We had ten more minutes and that was when the bombing pools opened. The last bomb I tried was the worst because I slipped as I jumped off the diving board and the first jump I tried was a front flip. Me and my friends then started leaping in and out of the pool trying to have as many turns as I could.

I was proud that I had a lot of fun I hope that I can go back there once more time.

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