Thursday, August 8, 2013

The modernised ugly duckling

Title:  Wolf Life

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On a early monday 2001 in New Zealand, there was a mother wolf. Her name was call Shrim and the father was named Bob. The mother wolf borned a wolf and they name him Jack. Jack was the youngest

Jack was grey and had green patches. He was really different to the others. Jack wish that he can be like the others. They had black patches and some were white. His brothers and sisters were mocking him and the mother want him out.

The sound Jack made was like a chicken. Bu burke bu burke to the others. Wolves were laughing and Bom and Shrim was a shame. Jack ran off and hid behind a tall tree covered with grass and sheep was there. He bit it but it ran off after that and Jack was hungry.

Then a neighbour whisper to Shrim “he’s ugly and hurts mine ear shaming for you’s. Ain't you gonna kick him out of your house or be a shame.” Shrim or the mum replied quite sad “yes I going to do it when Bob can look after his own self.” That late at night when only the dad was awake Jack had to be like a ninja and seek out. Then he went off.

Jack was cold and rain started to turn in gales.  Jack stomach was starving and then he found a place and had light. The door was left open so he went in and slept under the bed which was near the fire.  He was warm and when the sun was rising the next morning he was about to go out then a old man snap him. Jack quickly ran out and went off.

Jack was thrusting and hungry so he went around trying to find food as well as water. When he saw a pond he drank it and  one tenth was out of it. Then he saw a wolf running pass and saw a hunter so Jack seek like a ninja and followed the wolf. The wolf was his mother and he found his way back home.  

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