Thursday, June 26, 2014

What is echolocation and how is it used?

What is echolocation and how is it used?

Echo’s are created by a sound bouncing off an object. People use echo’s if they want to know if there is a dead end in a cave. Echo’s can be heard after the sound has been made.  

Echolocation is an echo that rebounds off objects and comes back in the air molecules so you can hear what was said. Bats and other animals use echolocation to find food in pitch black. Other animals like dolphins and whales communicate using sound . Whales can use the water to amplify their low sounds. Dolphins make high pitched clicking sounds.

Some animals can use echolocation to figure out whos who.

Ben underwood uses echolocation because he was blind from eye cancer. Ben underwood could see using sharp clicking sounds with his mouth. He was able hear the echo from an object around or in front of him. By using echolocation Ben could rollerblade, bike and play basketball like a normal person.

Ben had learnt that he could see by clicking. He said “Clicking used to be a habit” and then hear the echoes from what was in front of him. He could hear were the echo’s were coming back from.

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