Thursday, September 4, 2014

Letter to John Key

I am writing this letter to Mr Key to make him aware that plastic bags are becoming big problem. For the sea life.

Dear Prime Minister
Did you know that plastic bags are commonly mistaken for food by animals? Sea creatures ingest plastic and choke. Dolphins will eat pieces of plastic sheeting they mistake for jellyfish and other prey.
There is a big impact on fishing industries. Because fish are ingesting plastic or rubbish. There are a lot of plastic items in the ocean because people are just littering. Did you know that there is a big island that is made from rubbish and it is big enough so you can walk on it?
Did you know that there are thousands of sea creatures are dying  because of the plastic and other rubbish? Many of them are choking and washing up on shore because of plastic bags and other plastic items.
And all of this can be stopped by throwing rubbish in the bin. I suggest charging Ten cents or Twenty. To help the lower the numbers for plastic bags or make big bins for plastic.

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