Monday, September 22, 2014


In the weekends me and my friend semi played X-Box together. First we played Call of duty Black ops 2 1v1 quickscoping. Semi was using the Ballista with iron sight and I was using DSR50 and the score was 4-71 and I won.

Semi insisted a rematch so we had a rematch with the same guns and the score was 2-73 and then he turned off the T.V and then we put on Watchdogs.

The plan was to find someone who has info about me as a vigilante but the bad thing was he’s in prison. But the plan was not to kill him but to let him know that I can reach him any time so he wouldn't tell anyone. Because he could get let off in 30 days for good behavior and I could change it to 60 years.  

We started to do some missions which we had to break into a prison which was easy because I just needed to walk into a police station. The uniform issuer gave me a phone which I could hack the cameras and find the man who I was looking for.

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