Friday, October 17, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly was yesterday because it was the first day back at school. This term were learning about art and the subject is called Art Attack. The purpose of immersion assembly is to inform the students about what we’re learning about this term.

Mr Burt begins the assembly by welcoming the school to the new term. He had a tablet taped to his chest that was playing Speed Art onto a screen. Then he introduced Team One’s item.

Team One’s item was about art involving the environment. Things like water and nature. Next was Team 2. Their item was about the primary colours which are Blue, Red and Green. Without the primary colours  there wouldn’t be other colours. After that Team 3’s item was about different artists.

I liked team 4’s item because Mr Sommerville made me laugh. They are also learning about different artists such as Van Gogh, Fatu Feu’u and Monet.

Finally Team 5 all the teachers painted our principal Mr Burt, and Vice principals Mrs Jarman and Mr Jacobson. They left the best item till last.

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