Friday, October 31, 2014

Auckland Museum

Auckland Museum is a museum that has a mix of Maori and Pacific carving and weavings. The Year 7s went there because our topic for term 4 is Art Attack so we went there to look at the Pacific and Maori patterns, designs and artwork.

The Grand Foyer is the front entrance. This hall is made from terrazzo (marble chips embedded in concrete to form patterns). And on the roof the stained glass leads light from outside directly above the entrance foyer.

The first gallery we went to first was the Pacific Masterpieces we also had a task to do which was sketch some of the art/patterns that you pick. Next we walked to the Maori gallery which has the  
There is an area named the Pacific Masterpieces thats where we went first to look at the all the islands like Easter Islands,Tahiti,Rarotonga,Niue,Kiribati and more.

There is also two areas that involve the sea one called Coastal and Oceans. The Coastal area tells you about the Wonderful coasts of New Zealand like Mission bay which you can see from the front on the Museum. And the Oceans area is were you can see a lot of sea creatures that are popular in New Zealand or around the world and also extinct animals.

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