Tuesday, June 26, 2012

PT England's New Art Gallery

Today we had the first look at the new art gallery and we filmed it for Mr Burt because he is in San Diego. But the art that caught my eye was Meleane To’a she had done a Jackson Pollock.
I thought that it looked realistic and cool.

As I walked around I could see a lot of different styles like picasso and collage and shading. It was like a maze it was dark but the dark made our art stand out, especially room 13’s art because it was bright and colorful. It was fun looking at all the art our school are artists.

“ROOM 13” Miss King shouted “Now you have had a look at all the art, it is time to choose what is the best art”. And I picked Meleane To’a’s, art it was the best. “Now you have chosen your favorite piece of art you keep it in your head until we go to class and write about it!”

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