Thursday, March 5, 2015

My test writing

One thing that I can think of is a trip to the Coromandel in Waikato.

My family of five decided to go on a journey away from Auckland. “We haven't ever gone on an outing to the Coromandel” my siblings said in a nagging tone my Dad said back in a powering tone “I’ll think about it” when he said that we all thought that the answer was no. But about five minutes after my uncle arrived because my Dad had texted him to find out if he wanted to come with our family outing.

My Dad yelled out get your swimming togs ready I didn't really know what else he said because I too busy running to my room. Me and my brother where the first to get off the game it almost looked like we were racing down the hall but we were just excited. “Brandonnn” my sister whined “what do you want Keyana?” “can you help me find my toggs?” “there right there on the ground” “oh thanks”.

It took awhile for all of us to get the food and accessories ready it was only 10am. Once almost all of us were ready because my sister was still putting her togs on, the car was oiled and the petrol was topped up, the last thing my dad almost forgot to check was the tide and weather, which the tables were turned and it was raining in Waikato and the tide was low, oh well we’ll have to go tomorrow “oww” we said sadly.

The following day we had everything ready from the day before and we even checked the tides and weather and all was good. “Karakia before we leave” Dad said which he done. In the car we were playing a game called cricket which is when you see a white car and then your turn begins in till you see two red cars and how much cars you counted was how much points you get.

Finally we arrived I can't really tell you what happened on the ride there because I fell asleep. We first brought some shovels to dig holes in the sand because there is natural hot water from under the sand.
It was a relaxing time but very hot I burnt myself twice because it was to hot. But thankfully there was a cold ocean in front of us so we could cool of. The time turnt 5 o'clock and that was the time we had to go sadly but thankfully because I was very tired.

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