Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Conference with students in Hawaii

Today our school had a conference with two other schools in Hawaii. Our purpose was to find out about schools in Hawaii and how they do things that relate to our school in New Zealand.

The two schools that we video called was Kea’au Elementary and Nanakuli Elementary. We conferenced and shared information about our schools. We also taught them how to farewell people in Māori.

The twelve schools in Manaiakalani cluster like Pt England, Tamaki Primary, St Pius X, Glenbrae School, Tamaki College (here are some more that I can't be bother to write down >>>CLICK<<<) are soo lucky because on the 24th of March the Hokulea Crew are going to be sailing to the shores of the Tamaki river, and your school are going to be welcoming them with a chant and a Māori Waiata that the Manaiakalani school have hopefully learnt.

What I found interesting about the video conference is that lots of there nationality are Asian.

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