Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My grandparents

Last week my grandparents have traveled across the world from the United Kingdom. They arrived in New Zealand at eight o’clock in the morning. There flight was twenty four hours from London to Los Angeles and straight to New Zealand.

My grandparents names are Philip and Jen but I call them “Nany and Grampys”. Me and my sister, brother and my Dad left to the airport at seven thirty in the morning but it was delayed for half an hour. Seeing my grandparents go thru the door I didn't really recognize them and it was the same for them they only notest my dad,The last time I seen them was two years ago so I was happy to see them.

The activities we have done with my grandparents was going to Waiwera hot pools, and this Saturday we are going all the way down to the Coromandel to hot water beach. I am really happy that here for the next two weeks.

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  1. Welcome to Nany and Grampys! Da must be so pleased to have his parents here - I bet they were tired after their long journey.
    Enjoy your time with your special grandparents.
    Miss King