Friday, November 2, 2012

Charlie and the chocolate factory

Walking through the thick snow Charlie found one dollar in the gutter. It wasn’t often that Charlie and his family would have or find any money.
Charlie ran straight to the chocolate shop. Charlie cleared his throat to get the shop owner’s attention “I would like a bar of chocolate” Charlie said. The shop owner helped Charlie decide which Chocolate bar he would buy.

Charlie was so busy wolfing down a Wonka’s Scrumdiddlyumptious, that he forgot to pay. Upon realising, he handed the money to the shopkeeper.

Heading to the door Charlie had enough change to buy another chocolate bar. “I think I will buy a normal wonka bar for my grandpa Jo. He said.

“Did you know that the last golden ticket was a fake” said the man behind the counter. Charlie had a chance to get the golden ticket afterall. He ripped the first wrapper and slowly ripped the bottom wrapper. Charlie caught a glance of the golden ticket and quickly put the wrapper back over the ticket. He had a better look at the rare ticket. “The boy’s found it, the last golden ticket.” the crowd around the newspaper stand all jostled just to see the last ticket “Leave the boy alone” a man said “Go run home and don’t stop til you get there”.

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