Thursday, October 31, 2013

Narrative Farming

In the year 2025 a man called Bob and his wife jonah had a farm and crops of corn. One mysterious night jonah heard a noise outside her window and Bob hear it as well “Honey can you hear that?” Bob shouted “Yes” jonah replied then both Bob and jonah heard a BIG THUD. I’m scared jonah said to Bob “I think that i’m more scared than you jonah” as the room filled with the stench of digestion eww jonah said to Bob. One hour passed and the rolling thunder was getting louder.

both Bob and jonah were arguing about who would go outside and see what was happening. After all the fuss jonah was the one that was going outside it ended up that they had to do paper scissors rock. jonah found out that there was something in the truck that made it blow up.

The next year jonah and Bob were divorced and they lived happily ever after.

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