Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Roller Coster Narrative

Two BFF called michael and Myers went to a fair in auckland known for the fair fall. Myers saved money to go to Rainbow’s End and Myers was looking forward to this day because the last time he was there Myers was only five. “Wooooo” both friend’s said once they were getting dwarfed by the massive Fair Fall “I think that we should ride the less towering rides don’t you think Michael” yeah okay.

As both boys were riding the six year olds ride “ were like six years too old for this ride”. Michael spotted the girl that he liked since he started school at five years “isn't that the girl you like Michael?” “first her name is Victoria and how did you know that I like her?”
“you always steer at her in class”. Michael changing the subject “hay did you catch anything yesterday with your dad?” “No only bate but it was fun”.

After finishing the younger kids rides Myers wanted to go on the rollercoster “okay im kyen”. Then Michael finding Victoria in the line in front of them Victoria looking back at Michael and calling to say hi to Myers Michael started to go red in the face “your friends with her” “yeah” Myers rolling his eyes. Lets go on another ride.

“See told you not to stand up in the log” Myers said to Michael as Michael dripping with water. “Now we have to go home only if you weren't scared of a girl this wouldn't have happened” with water running down Myers face “sorry I should have listened to you” “apart from that the day went awesome we should come back here okay” Michael saying to Myers.

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