Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Alma a scary doll story

Skipping along the narrow streets of Paris went a girl named Alma - it was her birthday. Alma wrote her name on the whiteboard in the middle of the street, like all the young kids before her.  

Suddenly she heard a loud creaking noise. It was a doll, but not any ordinary doll. It was a doll that looked just like Alma. She was amazed that it looked just like her, it was like glancing straight into a mirror. Alma wanted that doll. She tried to open the toy shop’s door but it was no use. She became frustrated and threw a snowball at the window. Just as Alma was going home the door creaked open.

Running in to the shop with excitement, Alma stopped and had a look around. Tiptoeing to the doll on a shelf, she knocked over a little boy on a bike. Alma picked the little boy up on the three wheeled bike the boy spun circles around Alma and he took off and smacked his head in to the door.

Looking for the doll Alma climbed onto a sofa leaning against a shelf filled with dolls. Searching around for the doll, she spotted sight of the doll and reached her arm out to grab the doll. Zapppppp! Alma couldn't move, she could just move her eyes. She had turned in to her doll. Then there were creaking sounds. Another young girls doll appeared.

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