Sunday, April 27, 2014

fishing with my bro

Today me and my brother Shelford<< Shelford's blog<< went to Point England beach to fish. We got the all our equipment ready.

Once we were all ready me and Shelford walked down to the beach. When we were at the beach me and Shelford split up me going the Point and Shelford going to the rock to get some periwinkles for bait. But I realized that we were wasting time so I called Shelford in.

Shelford asked the other lady's that were fishing if we could have some little sprats and she gave the ones that they didn't want. So I cast the line out. I then started to get Shelford's rod ready and when  I cast Shelford's line out I got a big bite and I  dropped the rod and reeled it in as fast as I could for a moment me and Shelford thought it got away but it pulled again once I got it up one of the lady's came to help. And we left at six o'clock. And my dad was happy when I showed him.

please visit Shelford's blog >>>CLICK HERE<<<


  1. Sounds brilliant Brandon. I didn't think you'd catch anything from the Point. Well done indeed. Did you eat the fish for dinner - or give it to the cat?

  2. Hi Brandon. Well done for keeping your blog up to date in the holidays. What a neat fishing story and good on you for having a photo as proof! Awesome catch!