Friday, March 14, 2014

Fia Fia

Fia Fia is a show that the school does every second year. There are groups like Tongan, Hip hop, Niue, Kapa Haka and more.

For my Fia Fia group I am doing ‘Precisely That’. Precisely That is a dance that our group have to do all at the same time or after. The tutors are Mr Barks, Mr Sommerville and last week Mr Goodwin. Some of my friend's who were chosen to join were Iisa, Jake and a couple of others.
We haven't learnt any moves yet but I think it would be easy to learn. There are videos of things that we are going to do like precise band marching. So far I haven’t been enjoying what were doing. I think that if I focus I would start to enjoy my group.

On the night that we perform there will be stalls. If you want to use a space you have to pay twenty dollars if you want to sell food. I am looking forward to the different foods that people are selling.


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  1. Hi Brandon,

    "Nice Story" My group for Fia-Fia is Senior Hip Hop.