Monday, March 31, 2014


Last weekend my family and my uncle from Wales in the United Kingdom  went on a trip to the coromandel. When I woke up I didn’t really want to go because I wanted to say home and play minecraft but my dad told me it was a family outing so I had to go. I tried to take my time getting my togs ready but I had one hour to get ready.Once we had all your things together we left the house and got some drinks.

Then we left Auckland and I fell asleep in the back. But when I woke up we were outside the gas station. Me and my dad were wondering why there were lot of muscle cars. We asked someone that had parked outside the gas station and the man said because there was a beach hop so all the muscle cars go to all the beach’s in the coromandel.

When we got to the hot water beach we hired some shovels so we could dig a pit in the sand. Once we finished our sand pit the hot water came in.

When we were too hot we would go into the sea and we would cool down. Then we went down to Hahei and ate some lunch. When I finished my food I went swimming. When I was getting shellfish me and my brother saw a eagleray come towards us.

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