Monday, November 4, 2013

I Heard a Whisper

Glrchling mud under my boots. Back from the old rusty shed “why me why can’t my sister do my work she’s old enough!” looking at the ground frowning with milk splashing on the tip’s of his boots. “Why do you stick up with this” a voice whispered thru the wind “who said that?” looking around like a gang of people were circling him “it’s me” the voice answered “who’s me” he asked “for me to know and you to find out” the voice said.

Thinking hard he wondered could it be my dad that passed away or nan or even papa? “all this is making me sad” still forgetting that he just heard a ghost and his mums milk. “Here ghosty wosty” looking pathetic starting to showing his bum to the other animals. “hello pigs how you doing” talking to the pigs like he was crazy “do you want a cup of tea or a cup of mud?” “oink” “thats what you always say”.

Sitting down to have a rest he heard the whisper another time “Its me nan” “holey moley nan are you talking to me” “Yes” the voice answered “wow” “don’t tell your mum she will think you're crazy” “okay nan” he repliyed. “So can I talk to you whenever I want to nan?” “yes but I think that your mum is getting angry at you I think that you should bring the milk to her” “okay nan”. “See you next time I ment hear you next time” “that would be nice” bye nan but nothing replied.

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