Thursday, July 11, 2013

The dog that was stronger than me

One day well I was watching T.V I felt something brushing my leg. I wasn't bothered thinking it was my cat but my cat would be meowing not knowing if I looked down I would see the that there was something big and strong.

Putting my hand down to pat my cat I thought that I just hit my hand on a brick wall, I screamed like a big girl properly bigger than the dog. The dog was staring at me like it wanted to....PLAY “what” there is a massive dog that look’s like it take’s steroids but what do I do how can I play with it do you what a ball I asked the dog “what dogs can’t talk”.

“Lets go for a run it looks like you run” I found some rope and I tied it to his collar. Just making it to my fence I knew that I couldn't make it down to the park I almost fell over as the dog walked. I gave it steak and two whole chicken. Then it finally fell asleep on the couch then I decided that I was got to keep it and I named the girl dog skinny.

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