Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The dragon machine summarising

Once upon a time there was a boy called George. It was a rainy Thursday where George was looking outside his window the more George looked outside the more dragons he could see .  George was unnoticed and overlooked just like the dragons he feed the dragon’s stale bread and smelly cheese and let them it to his house. But George was curious and he wanted to find out about dragon’s so he went to the local library to find out about the dragon’s so he read the encyclopaedia for dragons

. There was was story’s about people finding dragon’s and in the left corner in bold text, DO NOT FEED DRAGONS AND DON’T LET DRAGONS IN OR HOUSE “to late George had already done the thing’s that it said not to do.So George decided to make a big dragon that had stale bread and smelly cheese

The dragon’s followed George to a place where dragons live.It was Georges birthday George had a dog for his present and a big cake but the thing is that no one knows it was not a dog.

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