Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wassily Kandinksy

Wassily Kandinksy was born in December 16th 1866 in Russia. His mum was a homemaker and his dad was a tea merchant.

From an early age Wassily exhibited a gift called synaesthesia cognate.   This gave him the ability to hear colour and see sound.

Kandinksy studied art and law at the University of Moscow before becoming a Professor. 3 years later at the age of 30 he moved to Munich, Germany. He was interested in creating sketches of the human body.

Once the First World War started, in 1914, Kandinsky moved from Germany to Switzerland and to home in Moscow. He created some impressionist art works and continued working with colors.

After the First World War. Kandinksy moved back to Germany and started creating abstract pieces of artwork. He used half circles, straight line, curves and lots of colour.

By 1933, the Nazis took over his art school and forced him to move to France. Kandinksy died in 1944.

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  1. hi Brandon,
    I like how you put detail into your kandinsky pictures you explained what he did