Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Solution's to live on Uranus

The four problems about Uranus is that Uranus is to cold and it is dark and no water and no air`

If people tried to live on Uranus the main problem facing them would be that there is no air to breathe

If humans ever tried to live on Uranus they would. Die because there is no oxygen there. People need oxygen to breathe.

One solution to the problem could be that each person wears a spacesuit. Connected to the suit is a pipe that is attached to a big oxygen tank that is on Jupiter.

A big balloon around Uranus filled with oxygen allows people to breathe. This balloon is invisible and easily penetrated by spaceships.

People could fill their own houses that are insulated with oxygen. The doors and windows are made with the same material as the big balloon.

The best solution would be for the balloon filled with oxygen as the scientist I invented this to help humans to live on other planets. A team of astronauts will take a year to finish it.

I am looking forward to one day living on Uranus.

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